Dosimeter system „BrachyDOSE“

BrachyDOSE quality control system is composed of human tissue equivalent radiation dose measurement tool (dosimeter) and its reader. The dosimeter is placed into one or a few standard implantable tubes near the tumour or at a specific place chosen by oncologist before the HDR brachytherapy procedure. Then, BrachyDOSE measures the dose all along the radiation source path moving towards the tumour and surrounding tissue. After the irradiation, the dosimeter is pulled out and the dose values are uploaded or sent wireless during the treatment procedure to a treatment planning system.

The dosimeters measure and retrieve dose profile along the whole length of a dosimeter-tube, giving more precise applied dose distribution. The dosimeter is also highly compatible with standard HDR brachytherapy devices and may be used to measure radiation dose in bladder and other important organs, damage to which would mean severe complications.

The main benefit of our dosimetry system is direct data registering on the radiation dose applied to a patient. Such data allows for treatment plan update, as well as prevention of additional illnesses caused by harmful radiation and unnecessary long-healing radiation wounds. This way, the treatment price is also reduced.