Meet BrachyDOSE at Science Is Wonderful online exhibition

Science is Wonderful is the event to bring science and technology closer to society. This year, all events will be organized online. The online activity will introduce visitors to the latest cutting-edge research projects taking place across Europe and around the world. According to the European Commission, the exhibition will focus on 40 research projects funded by the European Union that affect the lives of citizens. BrachyDOSE was chosen as of them. These projects address the development of solutions to the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath, as well as the priorities that are at the core of both European and Global recovery efforts – such as the European Green Deal.

The material of the exhibition is prepared for school-age children, scientists, enthusiasts, researchers, business stakeholders and the public interest. Particpants can discover the microbes that make our food tastier, take an underwater voyage to experience our cultural heritage, uncover a method to turn waste into wonderful materials and artworks - and many more scientific marvels that have a direct impact on our everyday lives. The flagship event may even inspire visitors – young and old alike – to embark on an exciting, fulfilling career in science!

We invite you to meet BrachyDOSE in virtual boot 2020-09-22 - 2020-09-24. Exhibition is open from 9:00 to 17:00. 

More information and links to the event can be found here: Science is Wonderful!