Our aim: to be a game changing hardware-software tool helping hospitals to reduce radiotherapy service costs by 50%.

The problem we solve: 3-5 times increase of costs for hospital per cancer patient due to treatment errors while providing radiotherapy procedures. 200 mn patients undergoes treatment annually in EU and US. +80% of them suffers from treatment caused injuries, burnings, wounds. There is a lack of affordable tools to prevent these injuries and reduce hospital expanses.

The solution in short: hardware and software mixed system. During the radiotherapy procedure patient data is collected in real time by sensor and matched with treatment plan made by doctor. ML based algorithm integrates patient data, gives warning of mis matching radiation doses, shows possible injury. This prevents error and reduce costs per patient.

Our customers and market:  private and public hospitals providing external and internal radiotherapy procedures in Europe and US. We have 3 first adopters and clinical trial partners in Lithuania, Estonia, Germany. 

Funding: Horizon 2020 project for SMEs grant provided by European Commission, EIT Health InnoStars Awards grant funded by EIT, Innovation Agency of Lithuania instruments funded by Lithuanian government and European Commission. 

BrachyDOSE is a Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence holder, the winner of Kaunas Startup Accelerator, Deep Dive Week Soft Landing in Dublin participant and beneficiary of EIT Health InnoStars Awards.