For the oncologist the main problem performing radiotherapy procedure is lack of accurate and measurements based proof if tumor got the appropriate radiation dose, if healthy organs were damaged or stayed safe. The uncertainty leads to radiation burning and secondary illnesses. Our solution enables to update treatment plan and reduce the risk to hurt healthy organs.

BrachyDOSE is a cancer treatment quality control tool to help oncologists to reach best possible treatment results. Solution is suited specially for high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy treatment. We suggest quality control systems made of tool for radiation dose measurement and its reader, which shows the accurate scientific measurements based data.

Our customer is cancer treatment facilities and research centers performing brachytherapy procedures. There are +1000 those facilities in Europe. The customers: hospitals and cancer treatment centers which perform radiation treatment for cancer. Also, scientific centers who perform radiation measurement experiments and need noval measurement methods.
Users: oncology doctors, medical physicists, dosimetry specialist.

The team is made of materials engineers, applied physicists, medical device engineer and  medical doctors working in oncology field and having almost 10 years experince in science and engineering. 


BrachyDOSE is a Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence holder, the winner of Kaunas Startup Accelerator, Deep Dive Week Soft Landing in Dublin participant and beneficiary of EIT Health InnoStars Award.