BrachyDOSE the best Health Care start-up of 2019

We are excited to share that BrachyDOSE was announced as the best Lithuanian Health Care startup of 2019. 

"BrachyDOSE is a Lithuanian start-up which had a spectacular year. It was recognized as one of the most promising european start-ups in healthcare innovation and received InnoStars Award powered by EIT Health. A team of experienced engineers developed a product that provides more effective and personalised cancer treatment. BrachyDOSE enables to measure radiation dose in real time at the needed organ and surroundings of tumour. It helps oncologists to provide personalised and more accurate treatment. Patients may recover faster and leave the hospital for further treatment at home. This also helps to reduce treatment expenses. They have a product prototype and are currently testing its features at The National Cancer Institute with the big hopes for 2020 to prove successful prototype testing at clinical environment and to secure finances for further development."

by Life Science Baltics