About us

Company MB Šeši Partneriai was established in 2014. We are a team of experienced engineers and physicists who started out by providing scientific research services in the field of physical sciences. We are specializing in medical device engineering and materials science. In 2021 company was named UAB Albametrics. 

Our mission is to provide medical professionals with empowering innovative solutions for safe and highly effective treatment.

Our values: quality, innovation, partnership.

Our vision is to help medical professional to win the battle against cancer deceases in every single hospital in the world.

BrachyDOSE is a new product created by the team. It is a unique cancer treatment quality control system especially suited to measure applied doses to patients during high-dose rate brachytherapy procedures.

BrachyDOSE is a Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence holder, the winner of Kaunas Startup Accelerator and beneficiary of EIT Health InnoStars Award.

Rimas Šeperys

Education: Master’s degree of material science

Activity: Development of radiation dose reading module. Product commercialization.


Neringa Šeperienė
co-founder, CEO

Education: Master’s degree of medical physics, PhD of materials engineering

Activity: Development of dosimeter. Product commercialization.